Posted by: Cameron M | 07/20/2011

Build Drag & Drop Web Pages with Webdoc Beta

Excellent new tool to easily building web pages using rich media. Great tool for creating landing pages. Post to social, blog, or a website.

“Drag & Drop the Web. Express yourself using rich media, cool apps and your favorite online content and services to create your posts on the fly!”

via webdoc beta – For rich expression.


Great resource for online business owners and content managers. Improve the scalability of your content strategy. CopyPress provides quality web copy writing services including ecommerce content, blogging, and article writing services. They also offer content promotion via social media, as well as viral marketing services.

Content Writing Services – SEO Copywriting | CopyPress.

Posted by: Cameron M | 03/30/2011

Topical Event Curation Fights Information Overload

Being a content guide or curator means helping your readers focus in on the best articles, videos and blog posts covering breaking events in your niche. Donna Fontenot provides a quick guide for creating effective Curated Lists for Topical Event Curation.

“a recent study shows that each of us is exposed to the equivalent of 174 newspapers of data, every single day”
Be The Go-To Blogger for Topical Event Curation | GROWMAP.COM

Posted by: Cameron M | 03/18/2011

Next Stop: Rooftop Logos Smile for Satellite Pictures

Shouldn’t be long before we see large scale logos painted on the roofs of corporate buildings.

‘Rooftop Painter’ Creates Murals for Google Earth –

Strategies for restaurants engaging in social media, and integrating mobile marketing and geo-location apps.

Arriving Late at the Social Media Party –

How Google treats local businesses that do not have a storefront has been biased, inconsistent, and far from satisfactory.

Investigating Google Places Hypocrisy For Address-less Businesses.

“Ever dream of being your own boss? If you’ve got a good idea and are willing to take the plunge into starting your own business, it’s now easier (and cheaper) than ever to get a local business started.”

9 Ways To Start A New Local Business Using Facebook, Twitter, Groupon And Google.

Posted by: Cameron M | 01/04/2011

Discover Which Marketing Programs Really Work has absolutely top-notch web clinics, online certification courses, and live events & workshops. I got certified in 2008 after completing their Landing Page Optimization course, and was quite impressed with their curricula.

Discover Which Marketing Programs Really Work

Lessons from 2010: What worked and what didn’t

Posted by: Cameron M | 01/02/2011

Popeye’s Mobile Campaign Garners 54% Opt-in

Mobile marketing campaigns are clearly working for local retailers. The ease of use and engagement on smart mobile devices has resulted in impressive campaign performance. Mobile coupon campaigns are working well when the incentive is worthwhile.

Popeye’s mobile campaign garners 54 percent opt-in « Marketing with New Technology.

Posted by: Cameron M | 12/23/2010

How Click-to-Call Boosts Google’s Mobile Revenues

The adoption rate of Smartphones combined with Google’s Click-to-Call program has not only been a big boon to Google’s mobile revenues, it has also been a boon to local businesses with some experiencing a 40% boost in calls.

How Click-to-Call Boosts Google’s Mobile Revenues: Tech News

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