Web Marketing Consulting

If you’d like to get more out of your online marketing budget, or would like to get better performance out of your website I would be happy to assist.
  • Market & Competition Research
    ~ What are the factors determining your competitors’ success? Let’s take a look!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    ~ SEO Site Audits (does your site have disadvantages holding it back?)
    ~ Redesign Transition Strategies (don’t lose what you’ve already gained!)
    ~ Keyword Research & Analysis (know which keywords drive sales?)
    ~ Content Strategy Planning
    ~ SEO Reporting & Analytics Monitoring (how are visitors interacting with your site?)
  • Paid Search Management (PPC)
    ~ PPC Campaign Audits (is your ad group structure giving you optimal performance?)
    ~ PPC Campaign Restructuring (increase Leads & Sales while Reducing CPA $)
    ~ Geo-targeted Ad Campaigns (target down to specific ZIP codes)
  • Landing Page Optimization
    ~ Landing Page Audits (how many of your visitors are bouncing?)
    ~ Landing Page Conversion Strategies (where are the holes in your conversion funnel?)
  • Local Search
    ~ Leverage the power of online reviews, Google is…
    ~ Learn to take full advantage of Google Places & Boost
  • Mobile Marketing (is your site mobile-friendly? Over 50% of searches are now occurring on smartphones)
  • Online Reputation Management (are listings in Google’s top 10 for your brand positive, or negative?)

Contact Me Here or call 323-795-2945

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