Posted by: Cameron M | 12/13/2010

How To Fight PPC Campaign Brain Fatigue

“After years of working on the same campaigns for the same clients, is it even possible to get our tired brains to find new pockets of productive keywords? Where can we find the motivation to write new ads that outperform the hundred different versions we’ve already tried? How the heck are we going to make these mature campaigns meet another year’s worth of high expectations? What new ideas can there possibly be that we haven’t already thought of?

If you ever feel this way, (I know I do) I suppose it may be high time for a well-deserved vacation or a long winter’s nap. I know that many of us in the PPC world don’t get enough of either vacations or full nights of rest, but it is amazing what either of these options will do for your creativity and motivation levels. So, before you do anything else, get some rest and/or take a vacation.

After you’ve gotten your batteries recharged, I’d like to share with you an approach I use to open up my thinking and which, more often than not, leads us to new breakthroughs and directions for our campaigns.” – Matt Van Wagner

How To Fight PPC Campaign Brain Fatigue.


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