Posted by: Cameron M | 10/02/2010

Internet Ignorant Sorkin Misses the Larger Point in Facebook’s Success

While celebrating Facebook’s success, Sorkin has no clue that policymakers and corporations are as Brad Nickel of ClickBrain puts it, “…conspiring ferociously with old world powers to remove the conditions for this success.”

That condition for success, the level playing field that allows someone like Zuckerberg to turn a $1,000 investment into billions via innovation alone, is Network Neutrality. The ability to reach consumers without a gatekeeper.

‘The Social Network’: A Review Of Aaron Sorkin’s Film About Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg | The New Republic

To learn what more you can do to keep the Internet free and open, so that everyone can take advantage of its incredible opportunity go to

Take some of that time you’ve been spending on that entrepreneurial idea you have for a website, and engage on the Net Neutrality issue, before companies like AT&T and Verizon choke off the opportunity available to you with “compromise legislation“, “protecting investment”, ‘without new, intrusive FCC regulation”.

Regulation like reclassifying broadband as a telecommunications service, the only way to create real network neutrality and implement sensible rules that protect everyone.

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