Posted by: Cameron M | 09/30/2010

Using Google Instant for Link Building intel

More great link building insights from Eric Ward!

“Google continuously displays a changing set of URLs as it tries to guess what it is you’re looking for. Since Google’s results-on-the-fly-as-you-type are still based on trust and that trust in large part based on links, what you are really seeing is like an X-ray of the trust flow for any given vertical search phrase.”

“Those URLs represent the collection of what Google considers to be trustworthy and valuable with each key stroke along the way. So, as you enter your query, slow down, and as you see URLs related to your search appear, right mouse click and open them in a new tab. Continue typing your query, going from general to specific, and with each change in the instant result, again, right click and new tab them. What you’ll end up with is a Google provided road map of trust for your exact query, from the most general to the most specific.”

How To Use Google Instant As A Powerful Link Building X-Ray – Eric Ward


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